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About Us

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Elegant Support is a support based organization specializing in servermanagement and staffing services. We take pride in providing quality support to our clients with the motive of allowing our clients to take care of marketing and their core area of business while we take care of their servers. At Elegant Support, you will find employees who provide a personal touch to your business with unmatched commitment levels.

Our expertise involves providing linux based solutions to a whole range of clients ranging from small and medium sized companies to large organizations. We specialize in providing reliable and secure solutions for all your server related issues. Our state of the art network infrastructure combined with world class training ensures your server and network related issues are taken care of allowing you to concentrate on your core-business.

Work Atmoshphere

The management team at Elegant Support understands the difficutly that can arise when an engineer quits a project mid-way. We at Elegant Support pride in employee retention through providing a cognial and positive work atmosphere allowing the engineers to perform to the best of his calibre.

Data Security

Elegant Support has got strict data policy procedures. We understand the importance of sensitive data on your servers and our server-security team ensures that the servers are upgraded with the latest security patches. If at all the server is hacked ( network intrusion due to in-competent security measures in data centers not managed by us) we ensure that the damage incurred is limited and the hacker has limited access to sensitive data.