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Billing and Sales Services

We provide high-quality billing support for customers who have questions or concerns regarding billing. It is our desire to provide our customers with peace of mind and we are therefore available and prepared to handle any queries that come to us through our live chat help desk. Customers who are already signed up for a plan, as well as those who are considering opening an account with us, should feel free to contact us regarding any of the following billing issues:

1. Invoices
2. Non-payment
3. Incorrect charges
4. Double charges
5. Cancellations
6. Refunds
7. Discounts
8. Changing billing cycle
9. Changing payment methods
10. Updating billing records
11. Account suspension
12. Account re-activation
13. Plan upgrading and downgrading
14. Package renewals
15. Package additions
16. Applying credits
17. Change of ownership
18. Applying payments
19. Over-due payment
20. Collections
21. Declined charges collections
22. Error charges collections, etc.

Sales and Billing Executives

Sales and Billing are vital parts of any business. Some make the mistake of assigning technical personnel to deal with these complex issues but that is a mistake. Elegant Support introduces 24/7 Sales and Billing Staff who are able and ready to assist customers with their billing issues, as well as handle the entire finance section of the office.

Full Time Intermediate Billing Staff

We offers an affordable way to have all of your support needs handled by trained professionals. The "Per Ticket" plan is an excellent choice if you are a growing hosting company looking to outsource your support requests on to a friendly, patient, highly skilled, and professional team of engineers. Our system administrators are available 24 hours a day so no issues will ever be missed.




Upto 25 Tickets

30 Days


Upto 50 Tickets

30 Days


Upto 100 Tickets

30 Days


Upto 250 Tickets

30 Days


Upto 500 Tickets

30 Days


Upto 750 Tickets

45 Days


Upto 1000 Tickets

45 Days


Per Server Plans

Any individual script installation is $15 per task. Contact us for custom quote. However please note that if you have opted for any per ticket based plans, these per task rates are included in $5 per ticket rates. We leave it to you reap the benefits of this offer.

Server Count



Round the clock Billing staff

  • All Staff would be proficient in English
  • One staff will have a good command over additional Secondary language

  • $1400     Order Now!

    Single Dedicated Billing Staff

  • English

  • $720        Order Now!

    Live Chat Sales Admin

  • English
  • Available 24/7

  • $200        Order Now!