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Server Management

The main goal of server management is uptime. The Server Management varies depending on the size of the server and it's purpose! So you can contact our sales department for any queries you may have. A few competence are listed below which are most asked for!

  • Operating Systems - Linux / Windows
  • Web Server Management - Apache / Zeus
  • Database Server Management - MySQL / postgreSQL / Oracle
  • Virtualization - OpenVZ/ VMWare
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Disaster Management
  • Security auditing

  • Account / Server migration
  • Kernel upgrades
  • Mail server management - Sendmail / Qmail
  • Control panels - cPanel / DirectAdmin / HyperVM / LXA etc
  • Spam & Abuse management
  • DNS server management - BIND / tinydns
  • Hacked Server- Recovery

  • Hourly Server Management

    Level I Admin

    $5 per hour
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    Level II Admin

    $10 per hour
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    Level III Admin

    $20 per hour
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    Data Center/Server Migration

    Migration involving same control panels (upto 75 accounts + 30 days support)

    $80 per task
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    Migration involving different or no control panels (upto 75 accounts + 30 days support)

    $140 per task
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    Per Ticket Plans

    We offers an affordable way to have all of your support needs handled by trained professionals. The "Per Ticket" plan is an excellent choice if you are a growing hosting company looking to outsource your support requests on to a friendly, patient, highly skilled, and professional team of engineers. Our system administrators are available 24 hours a day so no issues will ever be missed.

    Ticket Count



    Upto 25 Tickets

    30 Days


    Upto 50 Tickets

    30 Days


    Upto 100 Tickets

    30 Days


    Upto 250 Tickets

    30 Days


    Upto 500 Tickets

    30 Days


    Upto 750 Tickets

    45 Days


    Upto 1000 Tickets

    45 Days


    Per Server Plans

    Any individual script installation is $15 per task. Contact us for custom quote. However please note that if you have opted for any per ticket based plans, these per task rates are included in $5 per ticket rates. We leave it to you reap the benefits of this offer.

    Server Count



    Upto 5 Servers

    30 Days


    Upto 10 Servers

    30 Days


    Upto 25 Servers

    30 Days